The History of Lowe (Paddock Wood) Limited

Lowe Paddock Wood Ltd was formed in 1961 after having been started in the early 1950's by Edward Lowe as a haulage company covering the South East.

His son Allen, who was with the company from the outset, soon became the driving force securing many large contracts for the company and taking the haulage operation to an international level, doing the bulk of the NAAFI work delivering supplies to UK forces in Germany and sending containers throughout the world to meet the needs of the British Army. Allen was also instrumental in having the foresight to move out of UK based haulage operations and expand into cold storage and warehousing.

Handling refrigerated goods has long been an important part of the business and we have been operating and developing our cold stores since the 1970's.

Today the company is run by Richard Lowe, Chairman & Managing Director, and Eleanor Jeffery, Finance Director.